Flower Festival

                   To celebrate the poems of F.W. Harvey

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Gloucestershire from Abroad
River flows........Blossom blows

Mrs. M. Court

Ducks III
Beautiful things (like daisies) He made

Mrs. I. Bond and Mrs J. Waygood

Cry Happy Things
Shout, bold sailors.
              Bound for all happy havens!

Mrs. J. Edwards, Mrs. U. Turley, Mrs. J. Gwynne

Cricket: The Catch
Whizzing, fierce it came

Mrs. A. Thewlis

         And watch the great clouds pass
Moving with a slow majesty.

Mrs. M. Rose

The Lantern
Where Shines it?  Surely on Viney...

Beaconing, Beckoning home.

Mrs. C. Bancroft, and Mrs. H. Maisey

From Lydney to Coleford

....by rail

Mrs. P. Watkins

Pedestal in Lady Chapel

Mrs. R.  Howley and Mrs. P. Herbert

Vimpany's Roses
......to let the roses have their lovely way

Mrs. T. Ducker

Pulpit  The Weaver
Dreams I will weave

Mrs. J. Edwards, Mrs. U. Turley and Mrs. J. Gwynne

Gold crowned with flames

Mrs. A. Thewlis

Gloucester Rondel

Mrs. B. Griffiths


And collier-men are symbols of

All souls that strive to show the love........

Mrs. J. Hill MBE

Friendly Furniture

Mrs. A. Middleton

you are like a pool reflecting

Mrs. J. Aldridge

Elvers (Kneelers)
Little wormy fish,
Chewed string fish


Young Church Members

Altar Flowers


Mrs. V. Turley
Charlie "The Black"
Also flowers on his grave

Charlie, the black

Mrs. T. Morgan
War Poems

War Poems

Mrs. T. Ducker

Devil's Chapel
In Devil's chapel.... they dug the ore.

Devil's chapel

Mrs. V. Coe
 Ballad of River Severn
The Dorothy was a very small  boat
Scarce bigger than the sort one rows

Ballad of the river Severn

Mrs. D. Basson
Herbert Howells , a great friend.

Herbert Howells

Mrs. J. England
Ivor Gurney, a great friend

Ivor Gurney

Mrs. T. Ducker


Tritych based on  a number of poems. but especially Ducks

Triptych by H. Brunt

Ms. H. Brunt.
In War Time
The bluebells  chime in Pillowell

In War Time

Miss R.  Burch

God's Beauty in the sky
And in a silver cloud.......

Good's Beauty in the sky

Mrs. M. Martin

Plump Pears
..are plumping on the ground

plum pears

Mrs. Thewlis
Eileen Anne.
The poem for his daughter.

For Eileen Anne

Mrs. K. Munday.