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The PCC met at All Saints Church, Viney Hill on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at 2.30 pm.

All members present. The meeting opened in prayer.

Parish Action Plan: Parish Directory – A draft copy was discussed. The final version should be available by the end of July. Mandy Boulton was thanked for all her work on this and Pauline Watkins for offering to proof read the booklet.

Safeguarding – Members of the PCC, Visitors Group, Lay Ministers and Open the Book attended a Diocesan Safeguarding Training Course at the end of May. The next is 2.00 – 4.30 pm on 20th September at English Bicknor Village Hall for those who still need to attend.  

Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre Parish Trustee – Fred Bancroft was elected to take this role over from  Philippa.

Community – The children’s playground at Yorkley Community Centre is nearing completion.

Concern was raised about the lack of a post-box in Whitecroft, but it is understood this is being dealt with.

Sustainability - what to expect in the Vacancy period. LIFE Vision - this will need to feed into the process of discerning the way forward.


St Paul’s Sound System – The Revd Steve Morris, Diocesan Chaplain among Deaf and Hard of Hearing People has done a thorough assessment. His report included the need for a new loop system which is to be investigated further.  

Correspondence: a letter was received from Dorothy and Arnold Basson gifting the Flower Festival figures, accessories and research to the church. This was gratefully received with many thanks to them.

Electoral Roll: now up to 116 members.

Treasurer’s Report: the accounts are in good order.

Churchwardens’ Reports:   All Saints: the Bat Licence has been approved, but work is limited to September and October. Tenders have gone out. Our contribution of £10,000 should pay for the new guttering.  St Paul’s: a new mower is to be bought. The Planning Application for the porch roofs has been submitted to FoDDC. A Bat Survey is needed. The central light in the nave has been replaced with thanks to Roger Barnes.

Deanery Synod Report – an example of shared ministry was given as part of the LIFE vision

Social and Fundraising: The Flower Festival was a great success with £2195 being raised. . It was decided not to hold a Harvest Supper this year. Other events -  23rd July Tea on the Lawn takes place; 28th August Parkend Carnival followed by a Bring and Share BBQ at 5.00 pm at St Paul’s.

9th September a history of the life of Gypsy Petulengro at All Saints 

2nd December Christmas Fayre– new ideas are needed for this.

Date of next PCC meeting – 5th September at St Paul’s.

The meeting closed with the Grace.


The PCC met at St Paul’s Church, Parkend on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 2 pm.

10 members present with 2 apologies.

The meeting opened in prayer.

Parish Action Plan: Friends - 3 more people have become members. There is £954 in the Friends account. The PCC were asked what project they would like next for the Friends to consider.

Parish Directory - the consent form was accepted and will be given to church members over the next few weeks. Mandy Boulton has kindly agreed to oversee this and also the printing of the A5 booklet in due course.

Families/Community – The Coffee Shop at Yorkley Community Centre is being well used. Drop-in District Action Plan meetings were held in Whitecroft and Yorkley at the end of April.

Safeguarding – Safeguarding Policies were agreed for the coming year. Diocesan Vision – LIFE (Leadership, Imagination, Faith and Engagement). A form was completed as part of the Archdeacons’ Articles of Enquiry. This asked what we were already doing and what we may want to focus on over the next year. Schools and Church Buildings were identified.   Matters Arising from the Minutes– the small electric organ at Parkend was donated to the Heart Foundation. The Loop System at St Paul’s will be tested in May. Electoral Roll: remains at 110 members.

Treasurer’s Report: there had been no significant change since the last meeting. £1701.50 has been raised for the Roof Funds with thanks to all.

Churchwardens’ Reports: St Paul’s: A diagram is needed for the pre-planning enquiry to FDDC Planning Department for the porch roofs. This will be displayed at the Flower Festival. A Faculty is being applied for. Permission has been granted for the new noticeboard at the back of the church.  The central light bulb has failed and a replacement is proving to be expensive. Experience Easter Outside has been well received again this year. All Saints –we are still waiting for the Bat Emergence Survey to take place.

Concern was raised as the delay means we are well behind with the time schedule. The work has to be completed by the end of the year according to the terms of the grant.

Social and Fundraising: A Coffee Morning is to be held on 27 April at St Paul’s Church in aid of the Flower Festival which will be open to the public from 27-30 May from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. On the Sunday Morning a Book of Common Prayer Morning Prayer Service will be held.  A Tea on the Lawn Afternoon will be held in Viney Hill in July kindly hosted by Gay and Rod. This will be followed by a Songs of Praise. 


Date of next PCC meeting – 4 July at 2.00 pm at All Saints, Viney Hill.


The meeting closed with the Grace at 3.40 pm.

The PCC met at at the Vicarage on Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 2.30 pm.

10 members were present with 2 apologies.  The meeting opened in prayer.

Parish Action Plan:

Safeguarding- DBS checks are being kept up to date.  Those attending the Worship Leaders

course need a DBS check if they haven’t one with us already. 

They also need to attend Safeguarding Training Course.

Diocesan Vision – LIFE (Leadership, Imagination, Faith and Engagement )  The PCC agreed to

concentrate particularly on Leadership and on Prayer

Sustainable Ministry   Five people have been put forward for the Lay Worship Leaders course

which now starts on Thursday 9th March.

Matter Arising from the Minutes

Parish Directory – a consent form was discussed and the suggested amendments will be brought

to the March meeting.

Security – all places of worship are vulnerable.  Ways of being vigilant were discussed.

Correspondence – Information had been received about ordering the Real Easter Eggs.  12 will 
be ordered for sharing with church families.  Lent giving was also discussed and USPG

Boxes and Water Aid Jars will be available for church members.

Electoral Roll: 110 members Revision of the Roll is due and notices will be displayed between

 19th February and 4th of March.

AGM/APCM: The agenda was discussed.  The Deanery Synod members need to be elected for a

new three year term,

Treasurer’s  Report:  Giving is down, although some generous gift aided donations mean that we have finished the year reasonably well.

Christmas charity donations were £245  for the Children’s Society from the Christingle Service.  

£629 from other services of which £150 to be shared between Shelter for Homeless Children,

 GARAS and the remainder shared between the two churches.  The donations for the Christmas

Card will be given to Forest Pulse which helps families with disabled children locally.
The first grant payment for the roof repairs at All Saints’ has been received, of which £2,000 has to

be paid out for a bat survey.
It was agreed to purchase a new projector as the current one is failing.

It was suggested that a donations box be made available  at the end of the service, starting on

19th February with donations for the Roof Fund and, when appropriate, for flowers for Easter, the Flower festival and Christmas. The counting and recording of monies was considered.

Church Wardens’ Reports:

All Saints’: the correct  sized porch tiles are proving difficult to find.
St. Paul’s:  a new heating thermostat has been installed.

We are waiting for the architect’s plans for the for the porch roofs.
A request new notice-boards  in the prayer/Children’s area is being made to the Archdeacon.

Christians Together:  - Dates of events and services were shared.

Social and Fund raising: - Lent Lunches will be held on each Saturday in March, beginning 
on the 4th   The Flower Festival dates are 27th – 29th May.  Services for 2017 were presented.

Date of the AGM/APCM – 2nd April, 11.30 am at St. Paul’s, Parkend.

Date of the next PCC meeting - Tuesday 7th March, 2.30 pm at the vicarage

The PCC met at the Vicarage on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 2.30 pm.

9 members present with 3 apologies. The meeting opened in prayer.


Parish Action Plan: Safeguarding – Risk Assessment Reports were approved for Family Services, Children’s Activities and TChurch@3.

Families - The possibility of employing a 0.5 Families/Youth Worker has been put on hold as financially unviable at the moment.

Diocesan Vision - LIFE (Leadership, Imagination, Faith and Engagement). The PCC undertook an exercise on the results of the Conversations held locally earlier this year to see what we did well and what needed improvement. This was most helpful and will be continued at the next meeting.

Sustainable Ministry – Four people have agreed to do the Lay Worship Leaders Course which will be run at All Saints, Viney Hill on Wednesday afternoons from 11 January numbers permitting.

Matters Arising from the Minutes: Advent Calendars have been purchased and will be given to regularly attending church families. Toilet Twinning: our toilets are twinned with a school block in Pakistan.

Electoral Roll: 110 members. 

Treasurer’s Report: A new account has been opened for the roof repairs at All Saints with £3014 transferred into it. Income over the past two years has been stable, but we cannot survive on our current income.  We need to raise about £7000 for the All Saints Roof Repair Fund. Parish Share has increased by £2,467 p.a. Our Direct Debit will be raised by £1250 spread over twelve months and aim to pay the remainder at the end of the year. Church Fees set by the PCC were each raised by £5. Half of
Christmas service collections are to be divided between Shelter for Homeless Children and GARAS. The Christingle Service collection will go to the Children’s Society.

Churchwardens’ Reports: All Saints - a bat survey has taken place and an asbestos test is to be carried out shortly. Quotes are awaited for the roof work. It is aimed to complete the porch floor tiles by Christmas. St Paul’s - A site visit has taken place with Ian Sargeant of the DAC concerning the porch roofs and issues in the Lower Churchyard. The architect is providing recommendations
 and costings on the roofs as a matter of urgency.

Deanery Synod – Chris Witham has been appointed as Lay Chair and thanks were given to Steve Grindrod for his years of service. Rachel Howie, Diocesan Director of Education gave an interesting talk on work
in schools.

Christians Together – Events next year at Yorkley Community Centre will include a Barn Dance, a summer Messy Church and a Carol Service. Each church will be responsible for insurance cover for one of these, ours being the Barn Dance.

Social and Fundraising: the Christmas Fayre planning is going well. A Twelfth Night Celebration will take place at St Paul’s on 6 January.
Lent Lunches will be held on Saturdays in March.
The Flower Festival will be held at
St Paul’s from 27th-30th May.

       Date of next PCC meeting - Tuesday 30 January 2017, 2.30 pm at the Vicarage.
       Date of AGM/APCM - 2nd April
St Paul’s, Parkend.

The United Parish of Parkend and Viney Hill  - PCC Meeting

The PCC met at St Paul’s Church on Wednesday 5th October 2016 at 2.30 pm. 11 members

 present with 1 apology. The meeting opened in prayer.

Parish Action Plan: TChurch @3 – up to 12 people regularly attend. It will continue as long as

there are people to help, but unfortunately lifts cannot be offered in the same way as before.

Friends – a newsletter will continue to be sent out annually at renewal.

Safeguarding; – policies were approved and will be kept in the church vestries. Updated

safeguarding notices will be displayed on the main notice boards.

Families: - Messy Church in August, the Baptism Praise Party in September and the Harvest

Festival Services were well attended.  Possible funding for a Families/Youth Worker was discussed.

Diocesan Vision: – all conversation results were submitted and a first draft of the

vision shared. The official launch will be at a party on 26 November from 4 – 6.30 pm

 at Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham.


Sustainable Ministry: – Sunday Praise Services led by Lay Ministers assisted by a member of the
congregation were well received. It is hoped that a Lay Worship Leaders Course will be run locally

 early next year.

Parish Directory: Church members are to be consulted next year.

Electoral Roll: 109 members.

Treasurer’s Report: £11,739 is currently available, which is £1,698 above expenditure.

A new account has been opened for the roof repairs at All Saints’. £170 has been raised by donations

for the Toilet Twinning Scheme with thanks. £70 is to be added to this from the £194 raised at the

Harvest Supper to buy a block of toilets, costing £240. £50 is also to be given to the Trussell Trust

 (Food Bank) and £73 to Farm Africa. Half of Christmas service collections are to go to Shelter for

Homeless Children, and the Christingle Service collection will go to the Children’s Society.


Churchwardens’ Reports: St Paul’s – the organ work has had to stop due to illness, but will be

completed next year. The new path from the car park has been completed with thanks to Ken and Trevor. 


A site visit is being arranged with the DAC re the porch roofs.
All Saints’: maintenance is ongoing.  Preliminary checks and investigations are being done on the

church roof. Advice has been sought from the Chancellor over a concern in the churchyard.


Christians Together: – Rev Marigold Taylor is retiring at the end of this year. We have really

appreciated her help with children’s and school work.


Social and Fundraising: Tea on the Lawn at St Paul’s went really well as did the Parkend Carnival

Stall and the Harvest Supper. The next event is the Christmas Fayre on 3 December at Yorkley

Community Centre. Help is needed with the raffle and ticket sales.

Date of next PCC meeting - Tuesday 22 November at 2.30 pm at the Vicarge.