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Dear Friends

For the last few weeks Jeremy and I have been sorting out ready for the move at the end of November. As usual it amazes me how much we have accumulated!


Personally we have come across such things as: books we had forgotten we had and want to read again; photographs from many years ago (didn’t we look young!); birthday and anniversary cards that evoke very particular memories; gifts that have been stored safely and surprise us when we open them; remnants of our children’s toys (which have now come in very handy for the grandchildren). And we could go on….


Parish-wise we have come across a whole range of things that remind us of what has happened over the last 16 years. For example I still have copies of the new heating plans for each church and many other improvements made.  I have minutes of groups that are no longer in existence here, such as Mother’s Union at Parkend and the Wednesday Open Group at Viney Hill with their wide range of meetings, activities, outings and fund-raising for charities. I have found programmes and photographs from Flower Festivals at both churches with a whole range of themes, each one of an incredibly high standard. School assemblies, Open the Book and Storytellers programmes are also there going back at least 14 years. I remember Little Rainbows, our Mum and Toddlers Group, which went on for several years, the children of whom are now at the top end of our primary schools or have started secondary school. What a lot we have done together over this time and I could go on…


Then there are the services. On the computer I have copies of services going back to 2002! When I started here we were still using the Alternative Service Book (ASB) and over the next year or so moved on to Common Worship (CW). There has been such a change in liturgy over this period. I think of all the baptisms, weddings and funerals that I have taken and the emotions they bring of joy and sadness. Our regular times of worship together are so important, whether on a Sunday morning or evening, midweek or festivals, they are what join us together as we focus on God, his word in the Bible, his Word made flesh Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit poured out on us all.


Sorting out brings so many memories, but the time comes for all of us when we need to move on to something new. I am reminded that at the centre of all we do is the One who does not change. As Hebrews 13.8 says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. May we keep Him always at the centre of our hearts and minds and lives.


With every blessing                 Philippa