Flower Festival

 This Year’s  “Flower Festival” was held at Saint Paul’s Church, Parkend, June 2017, entitled:

Parkend  1917 – “Meet the People”


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In Memoriam

Tom Bancroft

Battleground to fiellds

Barbara Cross
 The Schoolmaster

Jean Edwards
The Doctor

Joan Pyrie

The Publican

Mary Court
The Baker

Pauline Watkins

British Legion Standard

Jane Cole

The Surrounding  Woodland

Ruth Burch
Forestry During WW1

Roll of Honor.  Vimpani Rose

Margaret Rose

The Bandsman

Alwyn Page

The Soldier and Nurse

Val Betty &Jackie Alcock

Stone Mason

Beryl Griffiths

Deorative Design

Julie Sparks

The  Bride  and Group

Jane Webster

Sanctuary-The vicar

Rev Canon Philippa Brunt

Altar-Bread and Wine

Hazel Maisey

Altar Pedestal

Ruth Howley

Lectern-The Shopkeeper

Trish Ducker
The Miner

Ken and Trish Ducker
The Blacksmith

Veronica Coe

In Memoriam

Ann Moylan

Pam, Billingsley
The Cycling Corps

Dorothy Basson

Memorial Poem

Maurice Bent

St Nicholas Chapel

Millie Winston

Station MasterFF2017/Station-master.lrg.jpg

Chris Bancroft

The Egg Lady

Marion Martin

The Font

Cherry Wray
The Cricker

Jos Mills